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Fom the Lake to the Mountains ©

Fom the Lake to the Mountains

From Saturday September 24th to Friday November 18th, at 8:00 pm, Taste of Tremezzina will take us to a dinner at  L’osteria del Giuanin; a tipical tavern located in one of the most beautiful and charming inlet of the Lake: la “Zoca de l’Oli”.

The restaurant, from where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Comacina Island, will offer you the chance to choose beetween two menù featuring local products from the lake (Menù di Lago) or the mountains (Menù di Monte).

Menù di Lago

Lake appetizers: pickled and green sauce lake fish, chub patè  and grilled vegetables

Risotto with perch fillets

Miascia (tipical fruit cake)


Menù di Monte

Mixed ham and salami with bitter sweet spring onions

Roasted boar with polenta and plum sauce

Chestnut panna cotta


Wine not included


Osteria del Giuanin
Tel: +39 0344 55241
Email: info@osteriadelgiuanin.it

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