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Festival of San Giovanni 2018 ©

Festival of San Giovanni 2018

The Festival of San Giovanni with its spectacular fireworks, music show and solemn procession to the Comacina Island by boat is the most famous and unmissable event of Lake Como.

In this area of the lake, the shores form a sort of an inlet, right in the centre of which lays the Comacina Island, the only island of the lake. The village of Ossuccio spreads right in front of it, from along the shores up on the slopes of the surrounding mountains. This is how the Comacina Island becomes the stage where the fireworks display will take place, the waters surrounding it will be the parterre and the slopes of the mountains will become the bleachers from where to admire the show. Hundreds of boats and many steamers will position themselves in the forefront, in the bay right between the island and the village, illuminating the stage of this natural theatre.

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