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Summer Sky – Night #2 ©

Summer Sky – Night #2

Are you interested in the night sky? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to look at the stars, planets and the moon through a telescope?

Well here is your opportunity! Come and join us on our second Public Open Night, dedicated to the observation of the Moon’s first Quarter and of the planets of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

During the second half of the night, you will be able to observe the typical springtime galaxies and the summer clusters and nebulas.

Big-game hunting: Pluto will be visible for most of the night.

The observation is open and free of charge; reservation is not necessary

The observation will start at 21:30, weather permitting

Where to stay or eat:

Rifugio Venini – Cornelio T. 0344 56671
Rifugio Boffalora T. 0344 56486

Viewing is subject to weather conditions
Please contact us or visit our website / Facebook page for last minute updates:
Web: astrofililariani.org
E-mail: info@astrofililariani.org
Facebook page
T. 347 6301088

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