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Paper Butterflies #3

Paper Butterflies #3

This workshop activity is subdivided into two separate phases: first of all, a design is painted on paper using watercolours and then, when the paper is dry, it is used to create an origami butterfly.
The idea of decorating paper springs from the desire to make each butterfly unique, not only with regard to the way the paper is folded, but also because the decorative effects produced by watercolours are inimitable.

The adults and kids workshop will be held in two sessions: at 2.30 and at 4.30 pm, on the following days:

Saturday 13 May
Saturday 27 May
Saturday 10 June
Saturday 17
Sunday 18 June

Cost for each participant (child or adult): Euro 10 accompanying adults: Euro 8

Booking at: eventi@villacarlotta.it

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