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“The Enchantment of Paper Nativity Scenes” in Mezzegra ©

“The Enchantment of Paper Nativity Scenes” in Mezzegra

The House of the Nativity Scenes in Mezzegra welcomes Christmas with an exhibition that, perfectly tuned with the time of the year, intends to attract, involve and thrill the visitor.

After the past years’ positive experience of a much appreciated standing exhibition of nativity scenes and dioramas, this year the “small museum” turns to the public, choosing a definitely original theme.

Thanks to the availability of a keen collector, it is possible to offer the visitor an exclusive exhibition of paper nativity scenes, precious dioramas, 19th-century lithographs and chromolithographs, in addition to the fine toy theatre nativity scenes, made of lithographed pressed cardboard, dating from between the early 19th century and the 20th century.

Unfortunately, due to the perishability of the material used, very few examples have gone as far as today.

A lot of this heritage has gone irreparably lost over time, due both to the fragility of paper and because the paper nativity scene was often considered to be the poor’s nativity scene, and many examples that were considered worthless were destroyed.

“Are they only pieces of paper?”. Here is a good reason to change your minds and visit the exhibition.

Casa dei Presepi (House of the Nativity Scenes)
Largo Valle, loc. Bonzanigo di Mezzegra

Everyday from 22nd December until 15th January
from 9:00 until 20:00

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