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Raku Sculpture Exhibition

Raku Sculpture Exhibition

Saturday, 15th October, and Sunday, 16th October, from 9:00 until 18:30, in the wonderful setting of Villa Carlotta.

Officina delle Impronte (The Imprints Workshop) of Teresa Ricco

The Japanese word raku means “comfortable, relaxed, pleasant, joy”.
The raku is a technique of Japanese origins, tuned with Zen spirit that is able to exalt the harmony of small things and the beauty in the simplicity and naturalness of the shape. The origins of raku are linked to the tea ceremony: a rite that was realized with simple objects and centred on the cup that the guests exchanged.
The dimensions of this cup where so that it could fit in the palm of the hand.

Teresa Ricco was born in La Spezia in 1950. She lives in Milan. She has three children. In 1995 she created “The Imprints Workshop” in Milan, an artistic workshop where clay moulding is an instrument of knowledge and connection. She teached in various schools and in situations of mental disorder.

Concretamente – Dedicated to C’è

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