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Vigil to conclude the Jubilee ©

Vigil to conclude the Jubilee

Saturday, 12th November, at 20:30, at the Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Rescue, a place of silence and listening, of search and meeting, of prayer and peace, vigil to conclude the Year of the Mercy.

The Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Rescue is one of the five diocesan churches that, with the Cathedral, is recognized as “jubilee church”. It is situated in Ossuccio, on the slope of the mountain at 400m above sea level, opposite the Comacina Island. You can only reach the Sanctuary by foot, along the path of the chapels, in about half an hour, while admiring the beauty of the lake and of the mountains and meditating upon the Mysteries of the Rosary, life represented in the fourteen chapels that run all along the path. For the elderly or ill people, transport can be arranged on request.

The Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Rescue and its Sacred Mount were declared Unesco World Heritage in 2003, with the Sacred Mounts of Piedmont and Lombardy.

– Priests are invited to wear albs
– If you would like to take part to the animation of liturgy and chant, please meet at the Sanctuary at 20:00

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