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Tag: Lario’s Astrophiles Group

The Gruppo Astrofili Lariani (G.A.L.), or Lario’s Astrophiles Group, was founded on 13th December 1974 by will of Mrs Anna Sacerdoti, curious by nature about anything regarding science, with the help of a group of young people, all driven by different reasons, but all aiming at the same goal: to fulfill their own curiosity about unknown and unexplored worlds.
And this is how their difficult but profitable activity, as autodidacts and often with the help of professional astronomers, such as Livio Gratton, Margherita Hack, Tullio Regge, Vittorio Castellani etc etc began. The G.A.L. is today a non-profit association, whose main aim is to spread astronomic sciences and to carry out scientific works.

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